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Denise Keyes Page is founder of Ubuntu Storytellers. Their productions have been enthusiastically received and attended. She and/or her team have performed at National Storytelling Network’s Annual Conference, the Women’s Storytelling Festival in VA, Artists Standing Strong Together, “Better Said Than Done,” International Festival of Arts and Ideas and more.

 A Connecticut native, many of her stories stem from her experience as a multi -generational African American New Englander. Denise believes that sharing and listening to the stories of others has the capacity to deepen understanding. Ubuntu Storytellers brings together her passion for story and social justice.


She tells to enlighten and inspire, to laugh and cry and most of all to build bridges of understanding. Denise believes that to know someone we must learn about more than the stories of sheroism and victimization. Those stories are indeed important and should be shared, however to really know someone don’t we need the in between spaces? The places where everyday life is lived. Stories of being. 

TEDX  Speaker

When Denise tells her stories you feel yourself slip into those spaces with a sense of knowing, belonging and deepening understanding.

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